ADYBOOKS is an independent structure of human size, mainly active in the sale and distribution of books in Belgium and the Great Duchy of Luxembourg. ADYBOOKS is currently developing an export activity that gives French book sellers and the most important international book sellers the opportunity to source books from publishers who have given their permission whilst complying with territorial exclusivity.

ADYBOOKS was founded in 2010 and has the know how and the market knowledge accumulated by its founder and manager who has been active in the world of books for the last 30 years. Since its founding, ADYBOOKS has focused in the sale of illustrated books covering topics such as arts in general, modern art, architecture, ancient and modern heritage, photography, cinema, graphic design, illustration, regionalism, tourism, everyday life, gastronomy, art of living... ADYBOOKS also sells literature, travel journals, travel guides... and children books.

ADYBOOKS’ clients are mainly independent book sellers or multi outlets book retailers of the first level. ADYBOOK is also active, either directly or through partners and subcontractors, in the second level, news sellers and general mass retailers when the opportunity arises. ADYBOOKs is agile and has a unique focus on concept stores, museum stores, specialists retailers that offer books such as toy stores, outdoors stores, food retailers, corporations and public authorities.

The distribution of the editors whose books are sold by ADYBOOKS is mainly performed by MDS Benelux, the Belgium distribution activity of Média Participations. ADYBOOKS and MDS Benelux enjoy an effective and long-standing partnership that was established in 2010.
The ideal formula for a publisher to gain exposure is the combination of a small and agile sales structure that truly listens to its publishers and the strength of a large distribution entity that provides the logistics, the warehousing, the handling of the orders and of the returns, the invoicing and the collection of the money.
The partnership also enables the book sellers to achieve economies of scale and reduce the transport costs since the deliveries include the orders for the books sold by both ADYBOOKS and MDS Benelux. ADYBOOKS also sells in Belgium and the Great Duchy of Luxembourg many of the books of the catalogue of Cap Diffusion, a French book seller also distributed by MDS Benelux. ADYBOOKS also sells in Belgium and the Great Duchy of Luxembourg the inprints of the Vilo EDIGROUP group (owned and distributed inprints) that are distributed directly from France and the books of les Éditions L’Imprévu (group Elcy) distributed by Dilisco from France.

The effective partnerships between ADYBOOKS and MDS Benelux, Dilisco and Vilo EDIGROUP enables ADYBOOKS to focus solely on the sale of the books of the publishers it handles, on visiting its clients on a regular basis and to bring them new tools such as this internet site. The site provides information to ADYBOOKS’ existing clients and allows them to order books online. It also provides information to potential new clients in Belgium or abroad whether they are general or specialized book sellers, specialist retailers, museum stores, ... who will only receive the information that are relevant to them.